Micro Farming

Micro farming usually involves chickens and other small farmyard type animals that do well in the city.

Quail Keeping Primer

Coturnix quail eggs

Quail Keeping Primer Keeping quail is gaining popularity with the permaculture movement.  Keeping food animals was popular during both World Wars as resources were limited.  Rabbits, pigeons, and quail were raised to supplement meat and make use of waste.  Saving resources was a big issue then, and it should also …

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Urban Farm Craze Refugees?

Urban Farm Craze Refugees? Our unwanted or non-laying birds typically go into tamales or similar dishes (young roosters are better for frying than old hens that need slow cooking).  We can’t simply keep nonproductive birds in such a small holding so we utilize them fully. People are so removed from …

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Brower Brooder With Chicks

The Brower Brooder and Chicks Here’s some Cornish Rock cross straight run chicks in the Brower brooder. They love to eat. And sit around. They’re fairly tame and quiet. Regular looking yellow biddies. I want to see how fast they grow. UPDATE:  They grew plenty fast.  We moved them out …

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Portlandia Fertile Eggs Hatched

Day Old Chicks

Grocery Store Eggs Hatched Grocery store chicks hatched yesterday. White egg laying white colored birds.  These were bought at Whole Foods and the carton says “Fertile Eggs”.  About 60 percent hatch rates overall counting the carton of eggs from another small farm that hatched similar chicks.  The second small farm …

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