Center for Urban Agricultural Development

2013-01-12T16-58-12_0The Center for Urban Agricultural Development is proud to present the all encompassing features of 110,000 square feet of urban educational space.  These educational spaces consist of excellent museum quality displays and exhibits designed to teach urban and not so urban enthusiasts alike.

A days visit with the family will leave you with a lifetime of knowledge. There’s no better place to go to learn, and theres no better all inclusive arena to get your plant starts, chicks, breeding stocks, or complete information in a realistic manner.

Enjoy the knowledge base of more than a dozen guides and teachers. Hands-on classes from experienced instructors makes learning fun and easy. Look through our schedule to choose convenient times and dates for the classes you want to attend.  These are real hands on classes to get you ready and able to tackle your own projects.  Everyone will leave with a solid base knowledge to attain your Urban Agricultural goals.

The Center for Urban Agricultural Development keeps, raises, and sells breeding stock for chickens, rabbits, and quail as well as seeds and plant starts. We have one of the largest collections of available species that are best suited for urban and small footprint farming.

With one of the best collections of breeds in the United States you don’t have to take a class to enjoy the Center for Urban Agricultural Development. You can spend an afternoon looking at breeds of chickens, quail, rabbits, and learning so much more. As a working hatchery and rabbitry you can see the breeding plan that is implemented right before you. Take a guided tour and see each beautiful breed and hear a narrative about their development uses and future. See the breeding programs for new breed development that are better suited to our urban environments.

Enjoy taking one of the rich and informative classes listed below. These are some of this months offered classes. Classes rotate depending on season and availability.

quaileggsEducation about the current modern food supply.
Beekeeping and building hives.
Growing fruits and vegetables in small spaces.
Raising chickens, ducks, and quail for eggs and meat small scale.
Raising Rabbits for meat, fiber, and fertilizer.
Self sustaining methods of gardening, feeding poultry, and living.
Repurposing and using local wasted resources.
Urban foraging techniques.
Methods and practice of organic and responsible gardening.
Building and maintaining suitable livestock habitat: coops and hutches.
Responsible animal husbandry and care.
Balanced diet, animal feeds from by products and leftovers.
Food storage, canning, pickling.

It is the scope of the Urban Agricultural Development Station to repurpose as many resources as possible. There are a lot of wasted resources right at our hands we could utilize more wisely. Doing so will save the dependency on oil, transit on our roads and highways, save landfill, and make a lighter impact on our resources. Attend one of our regularly scheduled classes to learn more about what you can do.

And don’t forget to check out our pellet mill exchange program. We offer a line of pelletized feeds and fertilizers. From chicken and rabbit feed and supplements to fertilizers and soil amendments that are convenient, easy, and not messy or smelly. Bring back your chickens a tasty treat and your rhododendrons a soil fulfilling treasure.

This is not real. There’s absolutely no funding (however we will do it if there was) for such an idea regardless of how good an idea it might be. This is only an idea. If this had been an actual real idea then further information could be obtained elsewhere on the site.

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