Brower Brooder With Chicks

The Brower Brooder and Chicks

Here’s some Cornish Rock cross straight run chicks in the Brower brooder. They love to eat. And sit around. They’re fairly tame and quiet. Regular looking yellow biddies. I want to see how fast they grow.

UPDATE:  They grew plenty fast.  We moved them out into the yard in an enclosure on the ground.  It didn’t take long and we processed them as early cornish hens and as small fryers.

They eat a lot, and as a result poop a lot too.  They aren’t overly difficult to manage if you want to keep them up and moving around.  To do so just feed them on a schedule instead of always having free feed to make them heavy fast.  Try them out and you might be surprised at the positive results.


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  1. The chicks look like they have been replaced with larger ones everyday. I cant believe how fast they grow. One day they have no white feathering, the next day they have wing feathers. Cornish Rock cross birds grow very fast. They are small and quiet and while they move around to eat they dont do much moving when not eating or running after each other that might have food.

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