Sprouted Wheatgrass

Fresh grass for the chooks


Here’s how I supplement my chickens with this system. I give them grass about everyday in the winter time. You can use barley or wheat or any other grains that are edible. Oats are good too.  Nearly anything that sprouts and grows.

Some people think that ‘economical’ is something free.  A sprouted grain is about 3 times more nutritional than they are dry.  Most grains are cheaper by the 25 or 50 lb bag and sprouted make about 3 times as much feed too.

There’s little way to look at it as wasteful.  Chickens get nutritional and fresh feed and they produce more eggs generally in the winter.

Start your plantings everyday so that you can rotate and offer a bin daily.  I take out the mat, rinse the tray and fill it with seed, and place it back in the front of the line.  Easy.

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