Food that you can make yourself that you may normally buy instead.

Golden Egg Yolks

Healthy egg yolks are golden

Influential Color in Eggs The old adage of you are what you eat makes true for poultry too.  The yolk color is often the most notable difference in eggs coloration.   The egg yolk color can be influenced to a degree by the diet of the birds.  Free-range birds that are …

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Freezing Surplus Eggs for Later

When the weather is warm and the days are long chickens will be quite productive and happily supply you with eggs. Perhaps more than you can easily use. As winter approaches, their production drops. Where are those eggs now that you need them? Hopefully, in your freezer. When you have an …

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To Kill a Honey Bee

honey bee

To Kill a Honey Bee I was alarmed when I first heard about bee colonies collapsing in 2007; entire colonies of bees either dead or simply vanished. Fingers point to GMO crops, pesticides, parasitic mites, disease, etc. It’s such a dire situation apparently, Monsanto went on the offensive and publicly …

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Making Seed Starter Plant Mix

Making Your Potting Mix 1 part wet wood stove pellet (make sure its pure wood) 1 part fine pine bark 1 part peat moss (optional) can substitute coconut coir instead of peat 1 part coarse sand For a starter soil you want something fine and light.  You also want to …

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Coquito Puerto Rican Egg Nog Recipe

Coquito Egg Nog Recipe Here is an easy and quite tasty eggnog recipe with a Puerto Rican style.  It’s not all completely from scratch but its good.  Its a good way to use the food storage to rotate some canned goods if you want to use that excuse. 1 egg …

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Urban Farm Craze Refugees?

Urban Farm Craze Refugees? Our unwanted or non-laying birds typically go into tamales or similar dishes (young roosters are better for frying than old hens that need slow cooking).  We can’t simply keep nonproductive birds in such a small holding so we utilize them fully. People are so removed from …

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