This is the area that deals with the lifestyle revolving around the poultry coop.  Often, people that keep chickens also garden or compost.  There’ s entire worlds that revolved around and intertwined with each other.  Some are happy with just keeping chickens for eggs, and that’s fine.  However there’s a whole lot more waiting to be incorporated into the system.

KFC Gives Away Scented Sunscreen

KFC Fried Chicken Scented Sunscreen

Kentucky Fried Chicken gave away 3000 bottles of, get this, FRIED CHICKEN SCENTED Sunscreen.  Now you can do your coop errands out in the sun if need be and be protected from the sun.  All while smelling like fried chicken.  Perhaps the flock will take notice of the crispy fried …

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Freezing Surplus Eggs for Later

When the weather is warm and the days are long chickens will be quite productive and happily supply you with eggs. Perhaps more than you can easily use. As winter approaches, their production drops. Where are those eggs now that you need them? Hopefully, in your freezer. When you have an …

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Happy People: A Year in the Taiga

handforged axe

Happy People:  A Year in the Taiga I ran across this film on Netflix.  On occasion, I will watch documentaries, as I don’t really find mainstream entertainment all that entertaining. I decided to watch it thinking that it might be interesting to see how other cultures live. After all, our …

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Repurposing Waste for a More Sustainable Community

Repurpose and Utilize  There are a vast multitude of ways to repurpose waste within our own communities.  This waste is from common everyday processes that occur all around us at any given time, on any given day. These non-products of daily occurrences must be dealt with in some manner.  Often …

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Urban Farm Craze Refugees?

Urban Farm Craze Refugees? Our unwanted or non-laying birds typically go into tamales or similar dishes (young roosters are better for frying than old hens that need slow cooking).  We can’t simply keep nonproductive birds in such a small holding so we utilize them fully. People are so removed from …

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