Cold Frame Greens

Chicken Fueled Early Greens

Chicken Fueled Early Greens

Cold Frame GreensHere is the greens patch we grow a lot of micro greens and smaller leaf greens in. We have two of these
made with scrap lumber and a polypropylene corrugated top.

The top will lift back on those warmer days so that they don’t get overheated.  In late winter seeds can be sown directly into the soil and the cold frame begins to gather the sun.  Becoming much warmer much faster brings in an early crop of salads and toppings for the table.

No chemical fertilizers or any pest control were used in these. Chicken compost that came from under the coop was aged appropriately and is high in nitrogen that green plant matter needs to grow.  With the top down, you can let the chickens roam around them pecking at bugs to help keep pests down.

Before Painting Cold FrameIt’s a great way to incorporate chickens into the home garden.  They both complement each other and everyone benefits.  The greens make table fare, the roots and scrap go to the chickens who are glad to get such offerings.  Eggs and chicken compost from the chickens go toward growing more greens.  It’s a win win.

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