Chickens have long been bred selectively.

The Barred Gene Use in Chickens

The Barred Gene Use in Chickens The barred coloration is something most people that keep chickens have seen. Barred rocks, creles, and several other birds carry the barring in their feathers. The barring gene is an absence of coloration in the feather. The barring gene causes white pigment in bars …

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Warming the Winter Chicken

Warming the Winter Chicken Chickens all originated from the Jungle Cock in southeast Asia.  Southeast Asia is for the most part a warm and temperate place.  With the majority of breeds being bred for eggs, there are a few that are bred for cold hardiness.  Typically large bodied birds have …

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The Passing of a Good Friend.

I found out today that our friend Wayne Childress has passed away.  Wayne was very helpful in the formative times, especially, of DIYSeattle.  He was very knowledgeable and patient.  He will be missed as a valued friend and a valuable resource in the poultry community. I don’t know if he …

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The New Iowa Blue Chicken

The New Iowa Blue Breed As an early 1900’s type chicken, the Iowa Blue was created at a time when chickens were expected to do more than simply lay eggs and produce meat. In the time period starting in the middle to late 1800’s till the 1940’s and 50’s, breeds …

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Portlandia Fertile Eggs Hatched

Day Old Chicks

Grocery Store Eggs Hatched Grocery store chicks hatched yesterday. White egg laying white colored birds.  These were bought at Whole Foods and the carton says “Fertile Eggs”.  About 60 percent hatch rates overall counting the carton of eggs from another small farm that hatched similar chicks.  The second small farm …

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Brown Leghorns in the Ark

Chicken Ark Urban

Brown Leghorns in the Ark Here the brown leghorns are scratching out the last little bit of daylight.  They seem to do well foraging and like eating all the spiders.  They do a good job of turning over the bark mulch too to keep the weeds from coming up. (We bought them …

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