Veggie patties

Tried making bean patties. Flavor is okay but the patties are too dry. I think adding in some oatmeal or some other type of grain would be good for the veggie patties. I do not think I cooked the beans quite long enough they are still a bit crunchy. Next time I will try a different manner. Perhaps boiling the beans after they’ve been ground will make the texture better and the flavor better as it will probably homogenize the flavor instead of tasting so much of the beans.

Most of the meatless veggie patty recipes I’ve seen call for a lot of different ingredients that are not always readily available on hand. The veggie patties I made were made from ingredients that I had around the house.

Going to add some ground potato or zucchini maybe will help.







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  1. Would adding avocado help anything? They’re fatty. Not sure how they will do after being cooked, though. :/

  2. I havent tried avocado yet. However, these dont freeze well. They fall apart easily when thawed. Maybe cook them stright from the freezer like you do those cheap burger patties sandwiched between two pieces of waxpaper.

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