Planting Seed Starts

Planting seeds in starter pots is a great way to get kids excited about gardening. Here are some seeds started to sprout and we put them in a potting mix. The potting mix has no dirt and it is a soilless mix. The potting mix is made from sawdust, fine pine bark, sand, and fine gravel. This potting mix allows water to be held in the medium so that it does not dry out, yet it allows easy drainage. Too much water isn’t held to make the roots rot. You can learn a little more about potting mix in this DIY article here.


Here is a dibber putting a hole in a pot of soil mix we made. The dibber makes it easier to put a seed in each pot and cover it up. You can also use a pencil or your finger.


Put the seed or seeds into the hole in the potting mix.


You can use the dibber or your finger to cover it up. Shaking the pot also covers it up and evens out the dirt on top.


Water the pots evenly and well. After about 5 or 1o minutes water them again until water starts to run slowly from the bottom. This is why we dont want the soil mix to hold too much water, it needs to hold water but let the extra run out the bottom. If it holds too much water it may make the seed rot or go bad. We let the potting mix hold a few days worth of water and let the rest run through it and drain.


Here are some seeds we started last week. They are a German strain of bush beans, so they should handle the cool weather, that should be about ready to put out. They are in the greenhouse right now waiting for a little warmer weather.

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