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Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 1.05.50 PMAs I look through other sites and see everyone that is going crazy over the next great new breed or variety I can’t help but wonder why can’t we find people interested in breeds that are already established? Is it because people have already seen them? Is it because they’re not fancy enough? Or there isn’t anyone promoting them as world beaters?

Bantams seem to be in good shape in general, I’m sure there are some we don’t see at every show but they’re around in different parts of the country. Large fowl seem to be in need of some help. There are several colors of Rocks, Wyandottes and Giants that could use a lot of help. Several breeds in the large fowl breeds need some new blood,  meaning younger people need to get interested and get involved with them and the older breeders so that they don’t become rare also. Not to mention the knowledge that will be lost when these older breeders are gone.

There are a few that are really promoting the English Orps, and Legbars, and there are other similar breeds. They are charging lots of money for eggs and chicks. What really gets me is they are getting it for inferior birds.  People are taking them to shows and finding out that they can’t win anything better than best variety.

How many judges actually know what a Legbar is supposed to look like. How many of you have seen an Orpington placed that had fluff too close to the ground to place high,  even class champion? How many judges understand that you are supposed to see shank and all that fluff on a orpington too close to the ground is or should be  a major cut ? We seem to be our own worst enemy by showing or placing these types.

I have a lot of respect for those that show breeds that aren’t seen much around the country but are in the standard. They are content to just work on their breed, but it has to be hard when you have no one to help you out with the special male or female you need. Bottom line is we need to do a better job promoting our birds.  Those of you that have the old strains and breeds need to get them out there and share them with people that are young and energetic.  Teach them and mentor them.

I help as many people as I can or try to. Some stay and some go on to other things. I don’t know the answers but we need to do something.  Poultry is really on fire right now. If we are just going to stand over in the corner and act like we are the big dogs on the block then we shall be the old dogs when it’s over.

It takes dedication at anything you do, helping out and promoting is no different. Just thinking out loud. There are a lot of poultry people smarter than me that need to speak up. I’m just trying to get you to think about it.


by Danny Feathers

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