Earthworms Are The OG Recycler

teetatwormpicOne of Earth’s original recyclers, earthworms are our planet’s greatest composters. Earthworms need few requirements to thrive; a dark, moist environment with plenty to eat is all they need. The result is nature’s perfect fertilizer.

Your earthworms will consume old newspaper from your garage, coffee grounds, melon rinds, veggie scraps, egg shells and just about any food scrap from your kitchen garbage.

Raising earthworms is one of the easiest ways you can go green and reduce the amount of trash entering our landfills and water systems. Instead of throwing your kitchen scraps in the garbage can or down the sink disposal simply feed them to your worms! And if you enjoy gardening this is a great way to save money — your worms will produce fertilizer for life!

Earthworms can produce more compost, in a shorter time, with less effort, than any other tool known to the gardener or farmer. The compost which is produced by earthworms is of the highest grade, containing not only greater amounts of mineral nutrients in soluble form, but also containing a high percentage of castings that help to form soil aggregates, leading to a permanent improvement in soil structure. Whatever your reason for raising earthworms, you will enjoy watching your critters grow, reproduce and recycle!

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