Quail Motel

Quail cages with sliding trays

The Quail Motel for Micro Farming Quail cages. Lift out of the tray to clean and replace wire cage back into the tray. Doors flap inward. Trying different feed and water options. Coturnix are great layers and handle confinement very well.  Unlike Bobwhite and California quail, corts as they are …

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Wheatgrass waiting to be juiced. Wash a couple times throughout the growth to keep fresh and watered well.  Surprisingly tastes like melon for some reason when shoots are still tender.  When they get older it tastes like yard grass, not so tasty.

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Brown Leghorns in the Ark

Chicken Ark Urban

Brown Leghorns in the Ark Here the brown leghorns are scratching out the last little bit of daylight.  They seem to do well foraging and like eating all the spiders.  They do a good job of turning over the bark mulch too to keep the weeds from coming up. (We bought them …

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