The Dollar Menu is Cheaper Myth.

The Dollar Menu is Cheaper Myth.

I have seen Food Inc. and so have many others.  I have heard from various other sources that it is cheaper to eat from the dollar menus at fast food restaurants than it is to go to the grocery store.  The argument has been put out there that buying a candy bar is cheaper than buying a fresh organic apple.   I thought about this then I went to the grocery store.

A brand new  shiny organic Fiji apple was 89 cents per pound.  I grabbed a good sized one and went over to the scales.  About 60 cents or so.  I went to the candy aisle and looked for my favorite candy bar.  It was 89 cents.  The big one.  This was a random grocery store and I did not go to it regularly.   I suppose that statisticians might be able to argue that because it was one that I don’t go to regularly it wasn’t random.  Regardless, I didn’t try to prop up my theory with something familiar.  Of course prices vary and so do availability.

The first part of my argument is why do we need to compare apples to candy bars.  Candy bars have more calories in it.  Apples have less calories, so pound for pound they aren’t the same.  However, why do we need to eat that many calories in such a small package like a candy bar?  Empty processed sugar calories?  Running a race?  Not sure but I think that anyone with a slight understanding of diet would know that it is healthier to eat an apple over a candy bar.  Why would an organic apple nee dto be compared to a candy bar and not just a regular apple, which you would think would be more healthy than a candy bar?

I still say that eating an apple, organic or not is better than eating candy bars all day.  You can sit back and blame someone else for poor dietary habits but it isn’t going to help you.  What is going to help you is to take control of your life, health, and diet and eat healthier.

Feeding a family of four from the dollar menu would cost for a four person family $3 dollars each.  That’s $12 dollars a meal.  3 meals a day is $36 dollars a day.  7 days a week, makes that  $252.00 a week.  I have a 4 person family and I can feed our family on $252 dollars a week.  I find that argument weak on the dollar menu being cheaper.  What is weak here is our standard of living.  Americans are getting more and more complacent on what we feed ourselves and especially our kids.  What is the rest of your life worth?

Long story short, don’t take it as fact that someone says something is true.  Your health is at stake.  Check out the grocery store and see what you can get with the same budget.  Even if it is not 100 percent organic, it is still much better than eating 14 percent real meat.  You can use your imagination what the other percentage is.

I am interested to hear others thoughts on this.  If you have something to add please feel free to do so with the contact us form on the right side menu.

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