Plymouth Rock Example for Breeding not Showing

leghornbreederMost will not like this bird for a show male. However this bird will produce outstanding females because he has incredible bone structure and skull width . He is wide between the legs and wide down the back. Great feather quality can be seen and he is really strong when you hold him in your hands. Outstanding comb and a short stout beak are good qualities as well. He is full of feed at the time of the photo.

One of the biggest things I see on rocks period is that most tilt like that of a cochin. This is wrong, a rock should never tilt. One of the other things a lot of rocks lack is the the true gravy bowl shape. Their abdomen doesn’t tie into the breast properly. Not sure what you all have in your area for rocks, but there are some good white rocks in Oregon being shown and bred.

by Danny Feathers

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