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White Leghorn Show PoultryBreeding Corner with Danny Feathers

Nearly perfect show poultry like this white Leghorn doesn’t come around very often , it makes you really appreciate them a lot. There’s been a lot of nice comments about it in the show poultry hobby, but there’s still room for improvement.

I’ve been working a little with him. He’s starting to understand what I want out of him now and getting used to it.

I would like a little more width on his main sickle, not very much but a little. I would like for his lesser sickles to cover all of his main tail feathers, which can still happen because he’s still green in those lesser sickles. Maybe just a tad wider through the saddle area. But that’s about all I would change on him.

by Danny Feathers

– Danny has been sharing his updates on his breeding project for show poultry.  Look for other Breeders Corner articles and posts by Danny for more detailed information about show poultry.


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