Guerilla Gardening

The name has been set aside for those that take it upon themselves to overhaul a vacant or empty lot and make a garden from it.  This is generally done without getting permission from the landowner.  It is better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission some believe.  We don’t suggest that you partake in any illegal activities like trespassing to make a garden on land that isn’t yours.

There are varying degrees of guerilla gardening.  Some people plant roadway medians with natice flowers or plants.  Some plant bell pepper plants there.  It can be something as simple as placing a few seeds in some dirt with the heel of your shoe, or it can be a full out garden like you would see in someones backyard.

One method is to make seed balls.  Using clay, seeds, and compost a ball is made.  The seeds are balled up in dried clay and dropping or throwing them to disperse the seeds. The rain and elements wear through the seed ball quickly to allow the seeds to make their way to fertile soil.

Dropping seeds is a very easy way to get flowers and other plants going. Birds and small rodents are a big enemy of the seeds down the pants leg method though. Some are sure to make it.

This guerrilla seeding is not a new idea and it has been around for years. With the new economy in decline for the last four years especially there is more vacant lots and places that are no longer maintained.

I am nearly certain that there are people that are against this method of planting. I do not advocate trespassing and certainly do not like the idea of introducing weeds to a new area. However in certain neighborhoods across the country it has become a popular way to turn a trash lot into at least some flowers to look at on your daily commute.

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