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Arks for Chickens and Rabbits

The ark is an idea the Europeans came up with.  It takes up as little space as necessary and is easy to move about the yard.  The living quarters are upstairs for the chickens in my arks.  I move them around from time to time, both the rabbits and the chickens.

The chicken ark was made to accomodate a few chickens.  There is no wire bottom so they can scratch around wherever you put them.

The rabbits hutches were made from pallets and the chicken ark was made from recycled wood from a buddys fence he wanted removed.

The rabbit arks were made to stand on a frame base that acted as a stand.  They were put up a couple feet off the ground.  We take the droppings and use them in the garden and to use as worm medium to grow worms.

The ark can be made to fit any size you want.  2×3 and 3×4 will house smaller rabbits.  The larger rabbits need a larger footprint.  We let our rabbits out but they have a higher chance of contracting disease then if they are always on wire.


Chicken Ark

The pallet and fence method of building a chicken coop or rabbit hutch is an effective and cheap way to build a great way to house your animals.  You can spend as much or as little as your imagination and thriftiness will allow.


Making the coops and cages so that you can move them around is a great benefit in an urban environment.  There are times when you need to move the houses to rearrange yard items, move things, or just to refresh the ground and treat the soil.


The arks had a tarp that screws to the front with a board that acted as a weight.  Even though they were mostly in a protected area out of the wind and rain the tarp came in useful as a safety backup.  Rabbits don’t like water and wind.  Drafts and wet rabbits don’t go together very well.  The chickens simply took up the stairs to get out of the weather and to roost at night.


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